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Climate protection, environmentally friendly strategies, responsible use of resources – keywords that appear daily in all media.

The Mayer Group has traditionally lived by this commitment for many years as a central part of the company’s philosophy. Our claim as an innovation driver within the industry also includes the continuous improvement and new development of a wide range of environmental protection measures.

Download the principles of our quality, environmental and energy policy here.

Environmental protection and sustainability
“First reduce, then neutralize”

With the production of ecological products, such as the world’s first climate-neutral envelope Envirelope®, we have been showing our claim in this field since 2009. The CO2-neutral product received the environmental certificate “Blaue Engel” as an additional award. In addition to all quality features and characteristics, our own brands NAUTILUS®, SUMO® and more represent our commitment to environmentally friendly solutions.

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Our “MAILgreen” philosophy, which includes the following measures, is a big part of our vision to leave a small ecological footprint.

product measures:

  • DIN EN ISO 14001 and 50001 certification
  • FSC® and PEFC certification
  • Increased use of recycled paper
  • Recycling products with “Blue Angel”
  • 100% recycling of paper and inks
  • Optimised paper use due to slim side seams
  • Use of thinner window film
  • Window film from renewable materials
  • Pergamin window film made of cellulose
  • Use of reusable eco-boxes instead of disposable cardboard boxes
  • Continuous improvement of material efficiency for products and packaging

production measures:

  • Production with Green Energy®
  • Printing with eco inks
  • Use of deinkable flexographic ink
  • Use of residual inks for inside printing
  • Use of water-soluble glues
  • Use of rainwater instead of drinking water to dilute flexographic inks and for cleaning
  • Reduction of energy consumption through infrared drying, use of production generated heat, use of LED lighting
  • Double-deck loading during transportation of the finished product for reduction of emissions


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