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Kuvert-Ukraine is the largest envelope manufacturer in Ukraine. The company has been operating successfully on the Ukrainian market since 1999 and has the reputation of a very reliable partner, who specializes in advertising mailings through its unique products with its own patents.

Thanks to its membership in the Mayer Group and its long-standing partnership with the leading European paper suppliers, Kuvert-Ukraine has been offering its products consistently in high quality for years. Quality control and complaint processing is carried out in accordance with ISO 9001:2015

Kuvert-Ukraine has three branches in regions of Kiev, Dnipro and Kharkiv. All of them have their own warehouse for short-term deliveries. There is also an printing plant in Kiev.


Main focus: Sales | Print | Production


Kuvert Ukraine GmbH
Makukhi Ulitsa, 6
76014 Iwano-Frankivsk

Phone: +380 (0) 342 / 52-21-27
Fax: +380 (0) 342 / 77-53-10

Web: www.kuvert.com.ua


Vitaily Didiytschuk

E-Mail: vitaliy@kuvert.if.ua

Natali Stetsjuk
Sales manager

E-Mail: natali@kuvert.if.ua