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The company Harmanec-Kuvert, spol. s r.o., based in Brezno, developed very dynamically through the formation of a joint venture in 2003.

Envelope production has increased from about 400 million units per year in 2004 to 1.7 billion.

We have increased the sales shares in our relevant strategic markets Slovakia, Czech Republic and Hungary. The wide range of technological systems enables to print envelopes with flexo or offset printing.

With more than 5,000 pallet spaces at Harmanec-Kuvert in Brezno, we offer our customers a wide range of over 500 different items that are always in stock. We offer a high level of our services with delivery of the products within 24 hours, anywhere in Slovakia from a carton to any pallet quantity.

Harmanec Kuvert employs more than 120 people in the areas of production, printing, sales and administration.


Main focus: Sales | Print | Production


Harmanec-Kuvert, spol. s r.o.
Padličkovo 3
977 01 Brezno

Phone: +421 (0) 48 / 6717101
Fax: +421 (0) 48 / 6717102

Web: www.harmanec-kuvert.sk


Július Ernek
Managing director

Phone: +421 (0) 915 / 977 100
E-Mail: ernek@harmanec-kuvert.sk

Anna Fujková
Sales manager

Phone: +421 (0) 907 / 802 462
E-Mail: fujkova@harmanec-kuvert.sk