Customer Satisfaction Analysis

Honest feedback makes us even better

Customer Satisfaction Analysis

CUSTOMER CENTRICITY – a frequently used term, which directs all of a company’s activities to focus on the customer and derives actions from regular dialogue.

This includes recording and querying needs, requirements, ordering preferences, solution development, precise consulting, understanding the “business” of its customers and generating added value for the customer.
In our corporate strategy we focus precisely on THAT in the improvement processes. That’s why we constantly check our status from the customer’s point of view. We are proud of the results of the last extensive survey from November 2019.
We have defined numerous internal services in individual categories for evaluation. From order acceptance to project management and delivery. The feedback shows us that all the efforts and adjustments made in recent times have been worthwhile.

We interviewed more than 600 customers from a wide range of industries:
For example, 76.2 % were very satisfied with the support in the back office and 23.8 % satisfied.
The response time from inquiry to the actual offer was rated as very satisfied within one working day with 47.6 % and 52.4 % as satisfied with the response within 24 hours.
In addition the customers were also asked about on-time delivery, product quality and the processing of complaints with very positive results.

Furthermore, our customers perceive us as modern, sympathetic and competent.
However, the evaluation also enables us to identify areas where we need to catch up, for example in our communication on the perception of an environmentally conscious company. Only about 15% of our customers perceive us as an environmentally friendly company.
We would like to thank all participants in the survey and promise that we will continue to improve even more.